Time for us all to act

The protracted election process is well behind us and it has blessed us with a new Government with a clear popular mandate to take the country to where it deserves to be. The people of the country are no...

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Reboot CSR with focus on JOB CREATION

In recent years business organisations in India have increased their commitment to social causes by supporting a growing number of development projects in areas ranging from infrastructure, and education to health and skill development. This is particularly so after...

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To find jobs fund MSMEs

Despite increasingly challenging market conditions, jolted by adversities ranging from recession to trade wars and a difficult rollout of GST, if there is one sector that has held its head high then, surprisingly enough, it is the Micro, Small...

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Stimulating steel demand

The per capita steel consumption in India remains an abysmal 65 kgs compared to the world average of 210 kgs. Despite being the second largest steelmaker, India lags an ocean behind China, which produces ‘eight’ times more steel than...

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Powering growth with steel

Siscol: Powering growth with steel

To sustain India’s projected economic growth, the country’s industrial and civil infrastructure must expand both quickly and massively. This is not possible with the conventional RCC-based methods of construction, which are slow, labour-intensive and involve complex, expensive logistics. The...

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Our five principles of quality

In any business environment, quality and quantity are the two pillars of success. Any business venture would want to maximize quantity without compromising on quality. Every customer has the right to expect on-time and on-cost delivery, and ethic Siscol...

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