Powering growth with steel

To sustain India’s projected economic growth, the country’s industrial and civil infrastructure must expand both quickly and massively. This is not possible with the conventional RCC-based methods of construction, which are slow, labour-intensive and involve complex, expensive logistics. The need of the hour is materials like steel, which significantly reduce both the cost and time required to complete large engineering projects.  

This in view, the Government is advocating steel for building the country’s infrastructure…roads, rail, ports, airports, hi-rise buildings, smart cities and affordable housing. Such advocacy recognises the fact that India needs to emulate both developed and rapidly developing countries like China, which have taken the ‘steel route’ to fast-track the development of their modern infrastructure. India’s per capita steel consumption is still at a low of 65 Kg compared to the global average of about 210 Kg.

Just for perspective, the US consumes 10 million tons of fabricated structural steel per annum. The comparative figure for the much more populous India is a mere  one million ton. The domestic structural fabrication industry continues to languish and is  limited to supplying fabricated steel as per drawings provided by customers. Such limited value has hampered the growth and financial health of the industry and stunted the use of steel in infrastructure projects.  

But all this is set to change with Siscol offering total steel-based solutions for infrastructure projects to its customers in the construction space, from design, engineering and fabrication, to logistics, onsite erection and complete project management. It stands committed to promoting the use of steel in infrastructure and also to change the rules of the game based on a positive and mutually beneficial collaboration between customers and steel solution suppliers.

I urge all our customers to join hands with us in giving a fresh impetus to the growth of steel-based infra solutions and put our country’s infra build-up on a new highway of growth

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