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Pioneered by a group of visionary leaders in India’s steel and construction industry, SISCOL provides leading-edge end-to-end structural steel solutions.

Because of its undeniable advantages over RCC, structural steel has for years been the construction material of choice, particularly in the world’s largest economies: The US, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and so on.

Mirroring this global trend, in India too structural steel-based construction is establishing itself as the mainstay for infrastructure projects. From global standard airports and convention centres to bridges, seaports, high-rise buildings and swanky hotels, builders in India are taking to steel like never before. And this trend is just starting.

In the years to come, the demand for complete cutting edge structural steel solutions in India is set to take off exponentially as the country goes on a building over-drive to meet its massive need for
infrastructure across sectors. With an all-India presence including a state-of-the-art engineering centre in Bangalore and a flagship manufacturing complex in Bhilai, SISCOL is positioned to meet this booming demand for structural steel.

More than a company, SISCOL is a mission, founded by business leaders for a new India, a nation symbolising the spirit of speed and strength.

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