At SISCOL the employee is a prized asset. And so we are:

Inclusive & inspirational: We celebrate diversity. And how? Regardless of who you are and where you come from every employee at SISCOL has equal opportunities, to learn, create, grow, lead…

Exciting: What would you say to rubbing shoulders with celebrity business leaders through your work life? At SISCOL such excitement is routine! In addition, open house sessions with top management ensure direct dialogue and transparency.

Empowering: We aim to build an innovative, skilled and cohesive workforce. Employees start off with detailed on-job training and grow in a learning environment oriented to team-work, innovation and the freedom to excel.

Enriching: As part of its core belief, the organisation engages management consultants to identify the skill sets of its people and to prepare them for competitive markets. Employees are rotated through jobs to enhance exposure and promote teamwork and learning.

Rewarding: Raising the quality bar at SISCOL is both fun and rewarding for employees at all levels given its performance-oriented work culture, which generously rewards excel- lence. Training programmes are conducted at various levels to enhance the skills of the workforce.

Safe, caring & enjoyable: Extensive industry-leading safety practices at SISCOL minimise the risk of accidents on its shop-floor and elsewhere. Medical and educational facilities are offered to all employees at plant locations. World-class recreational facilities are part of our campuses.

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