SISCOL conforms to the latest trends and standards in architectural design, be it in real-time construction or through advanced software technologies. Its design function is backed by a team of software specialists, bringing into play sophisticated design tools such as AUTOCAD, STAAD and NISA. We adhere to the concept of value engineering across the value chain:

  • Design management and coordination for buildings and steel structure
  • Value-added steel solutions
  • Planning and control of design to match construction activities along with cost and time schedules
  • Design optimisation, industrial engineering, process planning and resource management techniques
  • Sophisticated information systems
  • Simple on-site techniques

Software solutions are the need of the hour and SISCOL works relentlessly to be at the cutting edge with a dedicated R&D team. The company functions in a vibrant professional environment, which fuels ideas and fosters innovation across the value chain. It offers specialised solutions such as laser plasma cutting, drilling, bending and pressing all focussed on quality and safety.

National-Stadium Architectural & Structural Design

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