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SISCOL: Wedded to unwavering quality

Let me begin by congratulating the entire SISCOL family for completing the upgradation and modernisation of the Bhilai plant in a record four months’ time. It is a commendable achievement and I am very proud of our efforts.

As we rejoice our success and start a new journey, let us re-focus our attention on our vision and mission and reiterate our commitment to setting new benchmarks in the fabrication industry. Let us also pave the way for enhanced adoption of steel-based solutions in our country.

Mr Ravi Uppal

The world over, November is celebrated as a month dedicated to quality as a movement. As we begin a new year let us pledge our support to quality, which according to me, must not remain confined to our products and services alone. Quality ought to be the life-blood of every process in our value chain, as only processes can sustain the quality of what we do.

In a fiercely competitive local and global market, quality is a dynamic parameter. A product rated highly for quality today may not hold the same status tomorrow. Constant introspection and innovation are, therefore, critical to retain the competitive edge. Quality is not a destination, but a never ending journey, one that is driven by a certain mindset and culture.

As a young company we strive relentlessly to adopt best-in-class quality practices in every facet of our business. We have already made a head start by putting in place high-quality standards in our internal processes as well as our fully finished products. Our line workers are being trained as custodians of quality. And our Quality Assurance team continues to set all round product and process quality standards, while our marketing and project management teams set new benchmarks in customer focus and care.

I am very pleased to note that within a short span of time since our inception, we have achieved a lot in positioning SISCOL as a quality vendor. But a lot still remains to be done!

I wish you all success!

Ravi Uppal

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