In any business environment, quality and quantity are the two pillars of success. Any business venture would want to maximize quantity without compromising on quality. Every customer has the right to expect on-time and on-cost delivery, and ethic Siscol is wedded to fulfilling this every time. There is no better cost to eliminate than the cost of poor quality. Scrap material and lost labour hours add no value to the operation.

In order to best eliminate these wastes, a strategic approach to quality improvement is necessary. By following these five steps, Siscol maximises quality in a meaningful and sustainable way.

1. Use a team mindset

Quality can be sustainably improved only by bringing about lasting and meaningful changes to the production processes. And this ivolves a team-based approach. By involving various individuals in the search for improved quality, a variety of perspectives are obtained. It is equally important for every individual to understand the manufacturing processes. It is also important that mistakes are not repeated. By considering history and group perspective, improvements can be achieved.

2. We define quality from the customer perspective

Too often, staff within a manufacturing environment want to make a product “better” but don’t really know what better means. With additional cost, we can almost always make a product better. But is the additional cost desirable to the customer? Someone in the organization should serve as the customer’s advocate. Typically, this voice can come from within the marketing team. At Siscol we use the customers’ perspective to define what the best-in-class product should be and meet those requirements at a minimum cost.

3. We have understand the cost of quality

The cost of fixing a defect onsite or during inspection is much higher than fixing it at the source, when the product is being fabricated. It is essential that the manufacturing staff understands the cost implications of repair and the cost of damaged reputation. Once the staff take this perspective, the desire to find the root cause for problem solving is inherently developed.

4. The focus is on rooting out problems

All too often, manufacturing quality improvements fix the symptoms of failure rather than the root cause. This can be remedied by adding quality inspection steps or rework stations that improve the efficiency of fixng defects. Teams must gain true understanding of root causes because when teams develop the ability (through root cause analysis) to identify them in the manufacturing process, it becomes possible to find permanent solutions the prevent the recurrence of defects.

5. We follow strong process discipline

Throughout the quality improvement process, it is essential that strong process discipline is employed. Depending on the finished product being manufactured, process deviations without proper cooperation of the team could have serious quality repercussions. While the organization should avoid cumbersome bureaucracy that inhibits innovation, it is essential that some structure is employed to maintain consistency and an understanding of the way the finished good is

produced so that root causes can be identified later in case new issues arise because of any change.

Siscol is wedded to following these five steps and develop great quality programme within the organization. We are at our formative stage and with the support of every individual in our organization, we should strive to become any customer’s “Most Preferred Vendor”

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    Respected sir,

    Bhawana Arora assisting in the period of 2007 April to November 2008 . Sir, where are you , what I am just because of you and you are always being a heart of myself and always supporting me as a brother and I would pray got that you blush as a flower always and prosperous , healthy and stay long and safe in the life and you did call at any ye in your life and you are my born and brought father in my life. Share your family details and life and share your contact details as the earliest and I will speak to you of my heart and I believe you kept my sweet memories with you

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