World Environment Day turns green at SISCOL
World Environment Day turns green at SISCOL

Demonstrating its resolute commitment to environmental sustainability, SISCOL organised a tree plantation campaign on the World Environment Day at its sprawling campus in Bhilai on June 5. Led by the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department, the initiative symbolised the company’s commitment to creating a greener and healthier future for our planet.

The event witnessed the successful planting of more than 100 saplings, breathing new life into the landscape and providing a promising foundation for a greener tomorrow.

The event was organised meticulously by the HSE team and witnessed the enthusiastic participation of a large number of SISCOL employees. It was a significant campaign underlining the company’s unstinted commitment to sustainability.

Native tree species well-suited to the local ecosystem were carefully selected for the campaign thereby promoting biodiversity and environmental balance.

By actively engaging in initiatives like these, SISCOL demonstrates its determination to be an industry leader in sustainable practices and serves as an inspiration for other organizations

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