Highrise Buildings

Being highly tensile with high strength-to-weight ratio, steel is ideal for high-rise buildings. Steel structures stand strong even in the face of major earthquakes. Moreover, regardless of a structure’s size, steel sections remains small and lightweight, unlike other building materials. They can be easily fabricated and mass produced at off-site shop floors, shrinking construction time and boosting efficiency and returns on investment. Finally, since it is very flexible, structural steel can be moulded to any shape with extreme precision, suiting the most complex of designs.

SISCOL steel structures are particularly good for hotels, given the limitation of construction space in urban landscapes. You can build around features like natural cooling, solar gains or natural daylight, which minimise the use of energy. Our system can easily accommodate all building services that are integral to hotels: AC ducts, flooring, electric power plants, fire protection systems and so on. Other than a variety of exterior and interior finished interfaces, sunken and wet areas and building service shafts can be easily built.



Highrise Buildings-Dwarka
  • Customer : L&T B&F
  • Location : Dwarka
  • Type of Structure : Dwarka Convention Centre
  • Tonnage : 6604
Shrem - Multi Story Hotel
  • Customer : Shrem
  • Location : Mumbai
  • Type of Structure : Multi Story Hotel
  • Tonnage : 4000


  • Education institutions (schools and colleges)
  • Hotels
  • Office Complex
  • Hospitals
  • Residential Building
  • Malls
  • Shopping Centre

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