The Grand National Convention Centre, Dwarka, New Delhi

Take a sneak peek at Asia’s largest and probably swankiest conference complex, the National Convention Centre, close to New Delhi’s Airocity. The entire skeletal system of this futuristic Rs-26000-crore global business hub will be built with structural steel from SISCOL.

How structural steel works

See how building a high-rise with structural steel is a breeze. It is strong, infinitely simpler, faster, labour light and definitely cleaner. And should you ever wish to bring it down, you can recover a great deal of the building cost as steel is resalable.

Burj Dubai made possible by structural steel

Would the world’s tallest building, the 163-level, 830-metre, ever have been conceivable without steel? No way, is the unanimous expert opinion. Take a look at the awe-inspiring rise, rise and rise of the world’s tallest man-made structure. The amount of steel used is 31,400 metric tonnes. Laid end to end this would extend one quarter of the way around the globe.

SISCOL Employees Testimonial

Working at SISCOL is liberating, educative and empowering. Watch and see what our employees have to say about being a part of this fast growing startup. Hear their stories in their own voice and words

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